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Abikebuk's mini nixied 3 farming guide

In this guide I will show you how to get good rank 60 Destruction / Lifesteal / Counter / Resist set.

Why farming Nixied ?

As a player who just unlocked raid, you may have discovered your team is too weak to kill bosses and would like to get better gear for your units.
As a normal player you may also be focused on Speed and maybe have a Wyvern team but not Banshee team as all your ressources have been used for that but want to build one DPS whithout speed set.

If it is your case, you might want to follow this guide.

As example, my Challenger Dominiel reached 3000 Attack and 275% Critical damage with an almost all nixied gear. Enough to one shot Banshee 10.

What are the advantage and disadvantage compared to raid?

Advantages :
  • In the case you really need the set given by Nixied, there is approximatively 40 times more chance to get the gear compared to raid you want because :
    1. you can pinpoint the item you want (6 time more chance than raid),
    2. there is only 4 sets (4 times more chance than raid),
    3. It costs only 1 compass to enter in Nixied (2 time more chance than raid)
  • It is easier than raid, meaning you can bring fodders or level up units you want.
  • Nixied gear is enough for, at least, normal raid and lasts hunts.
  • On the contrary it is set locked to Destruction / Lifesteal / Counter / Resist set.
  • Rank 60 gear is way less stronger than Rank 85 gear.

How to farm Nixied 3 (Labyrinth 3-3)

The process is simple but can take a lot of time to optimize your run. You don't need to unlock every path to apply this guide but it will increase your chance of getting the item you want.
Unlike raid, you can pinpoint each loot location on the map and it reset each time you clear. Thus, for example, if you want only accessories, you could get more than 5 of them in one run.

Here is the process :

  1. Check the part of gear you want ( Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Boots, Necklace or Ring ).
    You can choose multiples gears part. Choosing multiple gear will make your run faster.
  2. Launch a Nixied 3-3 Labyrinth run with the team of your choice
  3. Take a path and take note of each loot you get on this path.
  4. Stop at a checkpoint but don't take it. Leave via ``Pause Menu > Yield``
  5. Do 2. to 4. again with a different path until you find enough item you want
  6. Take an optimized path to take all these loots
    Side note : Don't forget to leave via portal this time!
  7. Enjoy! (Or get salt)

This process can be applied to the whole map but it would be incredibely long and this is why I am personally taking only a few paths to check the loots.