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Abikebuk's Banshee 11 Guide

Hi it's Abikebuk, I'll show you how to beat Banshee and the overall strategy to kill her in auto with this pretty basic guide.

Stage 1 : Some Monsters

I am skipping this stage for the moment. There is not much thing to say about this stage.

Stage 2 : Banshee Lord Starlight


The 11th Banshee is quite tricky, like the other ones.

However, like all 11th hunts, some changes occurred in this last one. As expected, Earth heroes are buffed and other element heroes have a malus. Then, the main change is the removal of most banshees.

Now, there is 4 Mistychains when Banshee divides. Hopefully, having no more Gloomyrain against us makes the autos runs more consistant.

Unlike Banshee 10, Banshee 11 makes a ton of damages. This is why the team composition has to be more centered around cleansing.

Banshee In Detail

Banshee's Stats

This Banshee is way more tankier than the last one. Plus, she has an extra 10K HP. As example, my

Challenger Dominiel
Challenger Dominiel with 3400 ATK and 300% Critical Damage struggle to get more than 50K damage when she can do, every time, more than 60K damage on Banshee 10.

Banshee's stats are :
Health : 60 624
Defense : > 1200

Banshee's Elemental Passive :

Frost Protection:

  • Earth heroes : Increase damage by 30%.
  • Non Earth heroes : Increase damage received by 30%.
  • Fire Heroes : When Banshee divides, decrease combat readiness by 100% and decrease speed for 2 turns.
Banshee's Basic Attack :

Vengeful Spirit[~2K DMG] :
It is Banshee's only attack. She attacks two allies and apply poison on them.
The damage are proportional to the number of time she uses her basic attack.

Vengeful Spirit[~6K DMG] :
When Banshee's basic attack reach one poisoned ally, she does another basic Attack on all ally this time (but a lot more stronger).
Additionally she gives Banshee's Curse to one random ally which is doing ~6K damage to all ally at the beginning of this ally's turn.

Banshee's Division :

Banshee's division can occur twice. Once when her HP fall below 70% and once when her HP fall below 30%.
You can also ignore this phase if you kill her before she divide.

Queen's Scream [~1K DMG] :
She attacks all allies with a Dispel on all of them then cast Spirit Shield. Additionally she recover approximately ~20% HP.

Spirit Shield :
She summons 4 Mistychains with 8405 HP.
If you don't kill all Mistychains whithin 3 turns, she comes back and cast her basic attack on all allies (the one who deals 6K damage).
If you kill them all, she comes back and does a basic attack on two allies (so the weakest one).

Ruthless Servant
[~2-6K DMG] :
This part concern the Mistychains. They only have a single target basic attack which is applying [Poison].
Each time one Mistychain dies, each other Mistychain will be granted an increased Attack and Defense. Finally when only one Mistychain remains, she will deal ~6K damage.


There are only two important point to follow : Cleanse fast and Deal damage fast. There is no tank section because Banshee will not do this much damage if you cleanse fast enough and a decent tank will be enough for the 4 Mistychains.

Cleanse Fast

If you succeeded to follow how Banshee's skillset works, you will notice how important it is to cleanse your heroes as fast as possible. Cleansing all poisons will result in low damages taken and on the contrary not cleansing poisons will result in taking abysmal damages. Thus, you will need one or two Soul Weaver with Wondrous Potion Vial.

Here are quick resumes of what could happen if you don't cleanse the poisons :

  • Basic Attack ⇒ (Stronger) Basic Attack + Banshee's curse
  • Division ⇒ Mistychains gives you poison ⇒ Banshee comes back ⇒ Basic Attack ⇒ (Stronger) Basic Attacks + Banshee's Curse
  • Division ⇒ Mistychains gives you poison ⇒ Banshee comes back ⇒ (Stronger) Basic Attacks

Each Basic Attacks of Banshee deals ~2K damages, the stronger Basic Attacks deals ~6K damage, Mistychains between 2K and 6K damages and finally Banshee's Curse ~6K damages.

Only a few heroes are cleansing fast enough for Banshee. Fortunately, most are 3★ heroes :

  • Jecht
    Jecht is the real MVP of this Hunt. As Banshee's basic attack is putting two poisons, he can cleanse both alone if built on speed. He should be built speed anyway.\\If your team is really strong and you uses lifesteal sets or have built-in heals, you can use him as sole healer with 3 DPS. Otherwise, you should use a healer with him.
  • Diene
    Diene and
    Montmorancy have quite fast cleanse and are good for Banshee too thanks to their buffs and/or heals.
  • Destina
    Destina is a good second healer with Jecht. She has good healing capacities and a Cleanse on her third skill.
  • Angelica
    Angelica isn't really good because of her long cooldown on Immunity. The fault is on the Dispel of Banshee which is coming really fast. I'm putting her because she is used by most players.
  • If you don't have one of them you can use any other healers with Wondrous Potion Vial.
In the case you can't or don't want to cleanse fast, I don't know how you could clear this hunt. Sorry :( !
Deal Damage Fast

When you are in Banshee's phases having a lot of damage doesn't matter a lot if you succeed to cleanse fast enough. However once she divides it's another story.
In division phase, Because you need to kill all 4 Mistychains whithin 3 turns, AOE DPS are the best choices.

  • Bellona
    Bellona and
    Vildred are the best DPS heroes for this hunt. They both have incredible good damage output and deals AOE damages.
  • Cidd
    Cidd is fast and have incredible damage with his third skill, enough to one shot one Mistychain, and get an extra turn after it. Thanks to that he is an incredible DPS choice.
  • Purrgis
    Purrgis is in my opinion, the best tank for this hunt. He has an incredible built-in AOE counter which deals decent damage but can be provoked multiple times in division phase.
  • Violet
    Violet is another awesome tank for this hunt. Like for Purrgis, his Counter Attack buff makes him really good in division phase.
  • All others DPS are good too, even off-element if they are tanky enough and can kill fast each Mistychains (8405 HP).
Banshee's division phase comes really fast. Thus, Defense Break isn't a necessity because when Banshee divides, it's equivalent to a cleanse. Furthermore, Divide phase needs to be cleared so fast that you can't rely on defense break because it would take too much time to land it.

Final Words

If you have followed this guide you should be able to clear Banshee 11 on auto without too much issues.
I thank you very much for reading this guide and hope it helped you.
I wish you good luck for your gear drop! 바카라사이트