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About Epic7Wiki

Epic7Wiki is an unofficial wiki based on the game Epic Seven and working with Dokuwiki.

This website has been made by Abikebuk, student in computer science and off-meta player on the global server. I am also the sole developer on this wiki.

This wiki has no affiliation with Smilegate or Super Creative.

The Epic7Wiki Project

Epic7Wiki is one amongst other wiki based on Epic Seven.

Unlike other wiki which are made on their host website, this one is not locked to the native functions given by their host. This wiki is in constant evolution and I am developing new functions in consistency to grant the community wishes.

At the end of this project, this wiki wants to be a complete, social and intuitive.

  • Complete in the descriptions of Heroes, of their skill and of artifacts. The descriptions will be aimed to both beginner and veteran player with more comprehensible and more precise descriptions.
  • Social in the possibility for each users to make and to share their own content.
  • Intuitive in the ease of use of this site and the availability to work on both PC and mobile. A lot of tools will be made to make the creation of content as easy as possible.

This wiki is both a way to contribute to the community of Epic Seven and a personal experience.

Trough Epic7Wiki I will be able to share my passion with you for this game. Unfortunately, all the ressources about Epic Seven are split everywhere on the web and I attend to make a place where all the ressources can be centralized here.

Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, I am student in computer science but I would like to additionally learn management and digital marketing. Thus, this project is a perfect bridge to experiment my knowledge. For more details I intend to apply the Lean Startup principles in this project.

Contact me or send your feedback

Feedback is really important to make this wiki better. To give your feedback you can either: